February 2015 Theme – Hodge-Podge February

by SAMichaels on January 31, 2015

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Week #1 – Are You a Procrastinator?

Mark Twain captured the essence of procrastination with his famous quote: “Never put off until tomorrow… what you can do the day after tomorrow.”

This week I share some thoughts about why we procrastinate and I’ll give you 14 strategies for overcoming procrastination.

Be sure to print off your Affirmation Calendar for February 2015 and keep it handy during the coming month.


Our Previous Month’s Theme


image of a note saying "don't panic" | Women Enjoying Success - Sharon MichaelsConquering the Fear of Public Speaking

Are you ready to dazzle your audiences? Are you ready to be cool, calm and collected every time to get up to deliver a talk or speech? Did I hear “yes?” You’ll want to read this month’s Special Report word-for-word and cover-to-cover. January is all about conquering the fear of public speaking.



Week #1 – Researching and Gathering

Every good talk begins with good research. This week you’ll get tips and strategies for doing research and finding the credible sources to include and mention in your talk. You’ll also find “hands-on” activities to help you develop your researching skills.

You’ll want to print off your Affirmation Calendar for January 2015 and keep it handy during the coming month.

Mark your calendar now for our January Virtual Tea with Sharon on Saturday January 17th. I’ll be sharing some public speaking tips to help eliminate some of those public speaking “jitters.”


Week #2 – Analyze Your Audience

This week is about understanding and relating to your audience. You’ll learn how to keep your audience interested and engaged. You’ll want to work the worksheet activities because they will help you better analyze and understand your audience.

This Saturday January 17th is our Virtual Tea call – Tips for a Flawless Talk – all the call-in details can be found on our Teleconference page.


Week #3 – Writing Down the Bones of Your Speech

We’ll look at the three main elements of your speech – introduction, capturing and keeping your audience’s attention and conclusion. All three of these elements must be present in every well-developed speech. Trust me, it is easier than you think!


Week #4 – Editing and Practicing Your Speech

This is probably the most important part of developing a well-received talk. The reviewing, editing and revising process is vital! We’ll also talk about the importance of practicing your talk.

This week you’ll find the complete recording of our January Virtual Tea.


Happy January 2015!


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