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Organized Home Office Checklist

My Organized Home Office Checklist

Clean desk


Honestly, it is much easier to take a few hours or even a few days to get your home office organized than it is to waste your valuable moneymaking time looking for things you can’t seem to find.

Strive to create and maintain an organized environment in which you can be productive, comfortable and successful.

Here is a quick and easy checklist to help organize your home office.

My Office Appearance:

  • My office is clean, bright and inviting
  • My desk is in a good location for working comfortably
  • The windows allow natural light in during the day

My Comfortable Work Area:

  • The furniture is arranged so I am in control of my workspace
  • My desk is the right height so I am comfortable with straining
  • My desk chair is the right height and size so I am working comfortably
  • My computer, printer and other electronics are within reach
  • I have proper lighting so there are no shadows covering my work area

My Supplies Are Handy:

  • All my office supplies are organized and stored in one location
  • I have within reach all the supplies I need to do my business effectively
  • I inventory of what I use regularly and know when supplies are getting low

Organizing My Papers:

  • I have a filing cabinet in which I can organize my paper work
  • I have a software program on my computer to organize my paper work
  • I have developed a filing system for all my papers, mail, receipts, etc.


My home workspace is a comfortable and inviting environment in which I can succeed and thrive!
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